1. Try a subtle stripe of glitz.


The light color is both very trendy and incredibly flattering. Makes them peepers look massive!

2. Soften a smoky eye with a light metallic base.


Edgy, pretty, perfect. Total diva day look.

3. Add a metallic in the same shade as your base shadow.


Subtle, yes. But seriously sexy!

4. DIY a party nail with metallic nail stickers.


So pinnable, you guys seriously right now.

5. Try a splash of color with a gradient cat eye.



6. Or, go subtler with a gradated liner.


You so pretty.

7. Use a shimmery bronzer along your jaw, cheek, and collar bone.


And you thought contouring was hard! You beautiful fool.

8. Use a metallic eyeliner to highlight the inner corner of your eyes.


Works with a smoky eye or with a neutral one.

9. Use metallics as an accent to a cool tribal print.


And since every nail is different, each “accident” is a work of art!

10. Pat a bright metallic in the center of your eye for some serious brightness.


Fake a good night’s sleep with ease!

11. Use a light metallic shadow under your brow arches as highlighter.


Warning: Brow game is on point.

12. Pair a neutral metallic with a glitter liner for a shiny day look.


It’s high-impact, but not overwhelming. Unless you want it to be overwhelming. Then go crazy.

13. Use a bright metallic shadow as a bottom liner for a flash of color.


Oh you fancy, huh?

14. Take it modern with a geometric edge.


That holographic base coat? To. Die. For.

For metallic inspiration and more check out makeup.com.

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