Today marks the day Starbucks USA brings the “new” and “bolder than the latte” flat white to American shores.

1. The popular Aussie coffee has been an Australian staple for decades now, and everyone’s going a bit nuts – positive or otherwise – about Starbucks’ latest revolutionary trend.


Verdict: D– would not Starbucks flat white again.

— lyndabrendish (@Lynda Brendish)

6. Others are yet to try its perfect, caffeinated goodness.

I wanna try a flat white

— backseatziall (@Too Real( ͡° _ʖ ͡°))


Really doing some heavy lifting today. Left the set to taste test the new #FlatWhite at @Starbucks! #BestJobEver

— KREMjen (@Jen York)


We got our #FlatWhite coffees from @Starbucks! @Erica_TheNow

— KellySchuberth (@Kelly Ann Schuberth)


Has anyone tried Starbucks new "Flat White?" And if so, how is it? I usually order just coffee….

— billykeene22 (@Billy Keene)


Emoji names for children are surely the next big thing (besides the flat white – WTF is that!)

— nick_marland (@Summarland)


so what is the difference between a wet cappuccino and a flat white?

— currerbell (@jen)

12. And some… Some are just not impressed AT ALL.

@ChuckWendig The Starbucks Flat White is just a glass of warm milk.

— geekstarter (@Matt White)


Why is the internet going batshit crazy over a flat white? Please tell me someone took it as a racist slight.

— nickseemore (@Nick Seymour)


I tried my first @Starbucks #FlatWhite today in the lobby of 195 broadway & sadly I was disappointed. Lukewarm, not that smooth ☕️💔

— lisasharkey (@lisasharkey)


That FLAT WHITE. #tobeapartner (it's gross 🙈)

— JillianMariee__ (@Jill❃)

16. The Huffington Post jumped on the bandwagon to let everyone know WTF it was.

Starbucks releases new drink called the Flat White. WTF is it?

— HuffingtonPost (@Huffington Post)

17. And Time magazine – THE TIME MAGAZINE – did a nice little write-up.


But at the end of the day, this Australian has the question we need answered.

If Starbucks doesn't carry a drink that's already been in some #coffee shops for years does that mean it really doesn't exist? #FlatWhite

— nomnerd (@Greg)

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