1. When the Papal plane arrived and he just couldn’t wait to see the Philippines so he peeked out the window.

2. When he disembarked the plane and this happened:

3. When he didn’t expect it to be this windy in the Philippines.

4. When he was welcomed by Pres. Aquino at the presidential palace and went out of his way to #BLESS this baby.

5. When he read “Do you love me?” from the gospel, and the crowd said “Yes!” and this was his reaction:

6. When he broke protocol and walked along Intramuros to visit these children. Look at that smile!

Pope Francis visited streetchildren after his mass in Manila. Photo from http://t.co/A2X9MrP1Ef #BlessedByThePope

— karadavid (@Kara David)

7. And when he stopped the motorcade to kiss this lucky baby on the head.

IDK who’s more adorable, honestly.

8. When he met with some families and gave them the “I love you” sign.


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