1. Horse & Carriage Punch


So pretty! This bad girl is made with gin, St. Germain, triple sec, and chamomile tea. Double or triple it if you’re serving a big crowd. Get the recipe.

2. Blood Orange Sangria


Get the recipe.

3. Earl Grey Gin Punch


Mixing black tea with booze is sort of like the classiest possible version of Four Loko. Get the recipe.

4. Fishhouse Punch Royale


Rum, cognac and cava (with plenty of citrus) make for a serious 1-2-3 punch. Get the recipe.

5. Double Cider-Bourbon Punch


Literally (LITERALLY) no one on Earth could dislike this punch: cider, ginger beer, bourbon, lemon, and cinnamon, brought together in beautiful union. Get the recipe.

6. Poinsettia Punch


Cinnamon and bitters add a little spicy holiday flair to gin. Get the recipe.

7. Easy Does It Punch


I have documentably made this Aperol + grapefruit + bubbly punch for a Christmas party and watched it VANISH into thin air because it is very pretty and very delicious. It’s also relatively gentle, so there’s not much collateral damage. Get the recipe and instructions for making the ice ring.

8. Cashew Nut Nog


This is sort of like the spicy, sassy love child of horchata and eggnog — and it’s a awesome vegan option if you just leave out the beaten egg whites. Definitely DON’T leave out the rum, though. That’s important. Get the recipe.

9. Mulled Cranberry Apple Cider


N.B. this recipe refers to bourbon as “optional” — that is incorrect. Get the recipe.

10. Red Ryder Punch


Campari, rum, Rooibos tea (!) and pomegranate juice make for a super-festive (but very sophisticated) mix. Get the recipe.

11. Bolliwood Punch


Rum, brandy, citrus, rosemary, and a special little pinch of cardamom to make things interesting. Get the recipe.

12. Holiday Sangria


Red wine, ginger ale, juice, and some nice wintery fruits. Get the recipe.

13. Crimson Bulleit Punch


This is an easy mix of bourbon (Bulleit is nice, but any kind is fine), pomegranate juice, Champagne, and ginger liqueur. It’s written as a single-serving ratio, so you can scale up to any amount for a jumbo party. Get the recipe.

14. Mulled Wine


The magical joy-bringing properties of a huge, steaming vat of spicy-sweet wine CANNOT be underestimated. Get the recipe.

15. Rosemary, Baby! Punch


Herb-infused Aperol, bourbon, and honey make a great team. Get the recipe.

16. Orange & Cranberry Holiday Punch


This hot punch involves the cool combo of rum, red wine, and black tea. Get the recipe.

17. Pomegranate Mojito Punch


The ice ring really makes this one a stunner, so don’t skip it (you just need to remember to make and freeze it the night before). Get the recipe.

18. Easy Breezy Punch


Complex flavor, easy prep: Just stir together Campari, vermouth, chamomile tea, orange and grapefruit juice, and bitters. You can scale up the one-drink ratio for any number of drinkers. Get the recipe.

19. Milk Punch


This is essentially eggnog minus the weirdness of fussing with raw eggs. Still creamy, delicious, and full of bourbon. Get the recipe.

20. French 75 Punch


French 75’s (gin, lemon, syrup, champagne) are elegant and delightful but would be a nightmare to make separately for every single guest. Self-serve is better. Get the recipe.

21. Red Wine Punch


Sangria for lazy people? Fruit punch for grownups? All of the above. Get the recipe.

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