1. The “Stop Waving Your Meat In My General Direction” face:

2. The “I Don’t Have Time To Describe The Various Ways In Which I Get Enough Protein Right Now” face:

3. The “Cool Story, Bro” face:

4. The “Are You Seriously Failing To Grasp The Basic Concept Of Vegetarianism?” face:

5. The “I Know Gelatin Counts But I Really Wish It Didn’t” face:

6. The “Cool That I’m The Only Vegetarian At This Dinner, Guess I’ll Just Eat The Side Veg Then” face:

“@KeeganAllen: When you're the only vegetarian at a holiday dinner. ” hahaha me

— monge_reyna (@reyna)

7. The “Who Needs Meat When You’ve Got Cheese?” face:

"@lusxt: "oh you’re a vegetarian? you must be so healthy!" " lol me when I was vegetarian x)

— cee_elloo (@Cielo)

8. The “Is Bacon A Meat? Then I Probably Can’t Eat It, Can I?” face:

Me when someone finds out I'm a vegetarian and goes "can you eat bacon" l

— ButeraLifestyle (@☾ℓσяi)

9. The “No Wayyyyyy You’re A Vegetarian Too! Shall We Just Get Married Right Now?” face:

When Bae is vegetarian too… @liaxkatt

— SwaggyNikkie951 (@Nikkie Ella)

10. The “I’m Not Asking You To Explain Why You Eat Meat, Don’t Expect Me To Explain Why I’m A Vegetarian” face:

When someone asks me to explain to them why I'm a vegetarian

— _SamanthaEllen (@Gypsie Princess)

11. The “I Know It’s Murder, But Damnnnn That Chicken Smells Good” face:

me when I see buffalo chicken but I'm a vegetarian now


12. The “For The Love Of God Stop Eating The Vegetarian Tapas, There Will Be Nothing Left For Me” face:

I'll always be a vegetarian but when people get everyone food except for me I just..

— Sierra_Darden (@♡XoxoSierra_♡)

13. The “That’s A Great Point That I Had Never Considered Before. JK, It’s The Worst Damn Point I’ve Ever Heard” face:

Me, when a meat eater merely says "but plants have feelings too" during an argument. #vegetarianproblems #vegetarian

— DylanVegetarian (@SLATER)

14. The “Oh. You Forgot To Cook For Me Again. Never Mind” face:

Me at family get togethers when everybody's eating and there's nothing vegetarian…

— ShyBair (@Shy Bair)

15. The “Seriously? You’re An Adult Who Doesn’t Know The Difference Between Vegetarianism and Veganism? Seriously?” face:

my reaction when somebody tells me im not vegetarian because i eat eggs

— Lenny_NomNom (@в.ѕ.)

16. The “If It Doesn’t Grow On A Tree, It Doesn’t Count” face:

Oh yes, exactly what I think when a vegetarian tells me "I'm a veggie but I do eat fish" WHAAAAT? Defeats the object!

— LaurenLozzDawe (@Lauren Lozz Dawe)

17. The “Do Not Suggest McDonald’s. I Do Not Want To Go To McDonald’s” face:

"@Katersoneseven: We are at McDonalds drive through #vegetarian " me when my mom takes me there

— MovieOsc (@Just Oscar)

18. The “Can You Not Hear Or Are You Just Stupid” face:

When I tell someone I'm a vegetarian and they offer me a turkey burger

— kiarabooker_ (@Kiara Booker)

19. The “I’m Trying My Hardest, Leave Me Alone” face:

"If you're a vegetarian, why are you wearing leather?" #vegetarianproblems

— thatssoveg (@That's So Veg)

20. The “Why Don’t You Understand? PLEASE TRY TO UNDERSTAND” face:

"why? meat is so good!""so you still eat chicken, right?"#vegetarianproblems

— zaynftcas (@nicole)

21. The “Am I Reading This Menu Wrong? Because It Looks Like You Don’t Have A Veggie Option But That Can’t Be True” face:

when you go to a restaurant & they have nothing on the menu you can order. #vegetarianproblems

— Jordynn_Paige (@ملكة.)

22. The “Ummmm, I Don’t Think So” face:

"You can pick the bacon out of the salad, right?" #vegetarianproblems

— wallyyyyyyy (@Waleska⚓️)

23. The “Hahahahahaha You’re So Funny… On Opposites Day” face:

Me when the waiter/my friends suggest I eat rabbit food for dinner 😂😂 #vegetarianproblems #realfoodplease 🐰

— ashleytrobaugh (@Ashley Trobaugh)

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