For wine lovers everywhere who are misunderstood, this will restore your faith that you are not alone in your constant quest for wine.


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We may be labeled as drunks and spinsters, but in reality we are just fun loving people who enjoy a nice glass (or ten) of God’s gift to humanity: Wine.

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Even Jesus saw the value in it, remember the whole water to wine thing?

There are endless reasons why wine is our soulmate, but here is a measly 25 of them.

1. Because it’s relaxing as shit.

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If you haven’t taken a bath with a glass of wine at least once in your life, you haven’t really lived.

2. And classy as shit too.

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I now realize saying “classy” and “shit” in the same sentence may not be classy…. but it’s okay because I have a glass of wine in hand. Class restored.

3. It actually tastes really good.


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And you feel mature for enjoying your merlot. All the youngins just don’t get it with their vodka redbulls and shots of fireball.

4. It’s a good way to end the day, no matter what kind of day you had.

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Don’t ask, don’t tell.

5. Everyone looks sexy when they drink it.

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Especially this guy with his glorious mun.

6. People love it so much, they’ve invented ways to drink it hands-free.

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7. Like this cleverly named Wine Rack.

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Just in case you’ve always wanted a tube of wine shooting out of your boob.

8. Because Beyonce loves it.

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She’s all, “stop eyeing my wine, Jay.”

9. And so does Rhianna.

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*pour it up, pour it up*

10. Renée Zellwegerr, um, REALLY loves it.

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We’re right there with ya, boo.

11. Even the Royal Family enjoys the occasional wine tour.

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Ugh. So much class in one picture. Can’t deal.

12. Because in the wine community, there’s no such thing as too much.


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14. Because it goes perfectly with any and every food, especially anything cheese related.

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15. Or pasta related.


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*preach sista*

16. And we choose our friends based on their knowledge/love of wine.


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Julia gets it.

17. Because even cats get it.

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18. Are we making sense yet? No? More wine should fix that.


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Seriously might steal my office water cooler for this sole purpose….

19. Because wine is smart.

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Good advice, wine bottle. I will try my best to remember this 3 glasses in.

20. But it will still be there for us when we need to drink away our sorrows.


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21. Or just for any occasion really.

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Drink of all trades!

22. Because of the cork DIY projects that are taking over the world.

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The elusive wine gift basket. We’ve heard of them, but we have never received one and cannot afford one. They are a mystery only rich people can uncover.

24. But it’s all okay, because there is a wine for every budget.


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25. And hey, did we mention Tom Hiddleston (aka the world’s favorite anti-hero Loki) loves it too?

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The wine, the cheese, the god himself… too much perfection for one picture.

So stay classy, or not, we really don’t care as long as wine is your soulmate we approve.


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