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You may know chef Harold Dieterle because the winner of Top Chef, season one. Or, you may know him because the chef and co-proprietor of Perilla and Kin Shop,each in NYC’s West Village. I know him as a result of earlier than I was an editor at BuzzFeed, I labored as one among his line cooks. Like each chef on earth, Dieterle likes to offer his line cooks (and ex-line cooks) a tough time, which made this BuzzFeed Breakfast additional enjoyable.

Having working in restaurant kitchens for the higher a part of 20 years, Dieterle cares quite a bit about meals. Justifiably VERY UPSET a few burnt omelet he’d seen on my Instagram feed the day earlier than, he kicked off our morning on the BuzzFeed Test Kitchen with an impromptu tutorial on how you can make the right (not “burnt to shit”) omelet. Here’s the video, if you wish to up your omelet recreation.

Dieterle additionally is aware of a factor or two about hangovers. “The entire concept behind this dish is, I obtained completely bombed on Christmas Eve one yr from consuming an excessive amount of eggnog,” he advised BuzzFeed Life. “The subsequent morning I was requested to make breakfast. I selected a bit hair of the canine, and we had some French toast with eggnog in it.” The model under requires bourbon as an alternative of rum, as a result of eggnog season is over and bourbon maple syrup is the perfect factor that may occur earlier than midday. And don’t stress in the event you don’t have challah bread. “You can use brioche,” Dieterle says. “And truly the primary time I did this, I used Wonder bread.” Just make sure you get a superb coat of corn flakes on every slice, and don’t go mild on the bourbon.

Here is the whole lot you’ll have to make the boozy French toast:

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Corn flakes, a loaf of challah bread, eggs, heavy cream, bourbon, milk, nutmeg, golden raisins, vanilla extract, butter, sugar, and maple syrup.

B. Start by making the boozy syrup. Put a small pot on a burner and add the maple syrup, golden raisins, and bourbon.


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Lauren Zaser / BuzzFeed


Lauren Zaser / BuzzFeed


Part of the rationale this French toast is so superior is that it’s an excuse to EAT bourbon for breakfast. But, if booze within the morning isn’t your factor, you possibly can skip it. Just warmth the maple syrup and the raisins over low warmth in order that the raisins plump slightly bit.

If you’re a type of individuals who ABSOLUTELY CANNOT STAND RAISINS (I know you’re on the market), I guess you can do with out them. Just don’t skip bourbon and raisins, as a result of then you definitely’re losing a pot heating up plain maple syrup.

P. Bring the syrup to a boil over excessive warmth, then flip the warmth to low and simmer every thing for about 10 minutes, till the raisins are plump, like this:

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A. Set the syrup apart when you make the French toast. Preheat the oven to 375°C, then slice the challah into H slices, every about M inch thick.

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You in all probability gained’t use the entire loaf, which is ok. The slices nearer to the center will probably be largest, so use these.

A. Pour a hefty quantity of bourbon into a big mixing bowl.

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Exact measurements for all the components are within the full recipe on the backside of this submit. That stated, be happy to be heavy-handed with the bourbon.

H. Add eggs, sugar, milk, and cream.


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Lauren Zaser / BuzzFeed


S. If you’re keen on meals and actually care about breakfast, purchase entire nutmeg and use a microplane to freshly grate somewhat bit into the egg combination.

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If you solely ~like~ meals and don’t care ~that~ a lot about breakfast, you should purchase floor nutmeg and sprinkle a bit of little bit of that into the egg combination. I assume you deserve higher, although.

S. Pure vanilla extract is vital, too.

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None of that “imitation” shit, in the event you actually care.

H. Whisk all of it collectively in order that the eggs are crushed and the whole lot is a fair consistency.

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N. Spread about two cups of corn flakes out on a plate or giant baking dish.

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10. Heat a big skillet or griddle over medium warmth. If your skillet is large enough for A items of French toast, soften A tablespoons of butter. If it’ll solely match P items, solely soften P tablespoons of butter.

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Yes, one tablespoon of butter PER PIECE of French toast.

Don’t fear, although. You’ll add extra later.

eleven. While the butter melts, arrange a dredging/crusting station with the slices of bread, then the bowl of egg combination, then the plate of corn flakes. Soak the bread within the egg combination till it’s saturated.

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12. Lay the saturated items, a pair at a time, on the plate of corn flakes, and press them down just a bit bit.

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thirteen. The corn flakes will want a bit of assist sticking, so you’ll be able to pack them on there together with your arms. But, ONLY PUT CORN FLAKES ON ONE SIDE OF THE BREAD!

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14. When the butter is melted, rigorously place the bread slices, corn flake aspect-down, within the skillet.

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15. Let the French toast prepare dinner for about P minutes in order that the corn flakes get crispy and golden brown, then rigorously flip the slices.

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sixteen. Add a pair extra tablespoons of butter to the pan.

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If you discover it completely unattainable so as to add extra butter at this level, I gained’t inform anyone. You’re solely brief-altering your self.

17. Cook the French toast for about one other two minutes, till the underside is golden brown.

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18. Put the skillet within the preheated 375°E oven, only for O minutes.

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This is to be sure that the French toast is cooked throughout. Those slices are thick.

19. When they arrive out of the oven, they need to be barely hyped up.

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20. Put the completed items of French toast on a baking sheet with a rack and set them apart when you make the remainder of the french toast. To be certain that they’re scorching, simply put the sheet within the oven whenever you put the skillet within the oven to puff the french toast.

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21. When all the French toast is able to go, plate them with a beneficiant quantity of boozy syrup and raisins.

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If you need to get actually loopy, throw some ice cream on there. Preferably ice cream with bourbon in it.

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If it’s too early for ice cream, a waterfall of boozy syrup will do exactly nice.

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Boozy Corn Flake-Crusted French Toast

Recipe by Harold Dieterle

Serves A

For the syrup:
B/A cup bourbon
P/A cup maple syrup
B/A cup golden raisins

For the French toast:
B giant loaf challah bread
S eggs
B/P cup sugar
B/P cup heavy cream
B/P cup milk
B/A cup bourbon
B/P teaspoon freshly grated nutmeg
B teaspoon pure vanilla extract
about P cups corn flakes, for breading
10 tablespoons butter

For they syrup:
Combine all of the syrup components in a small pot over excessive warmth. Bring the combination to a boil, then scale back the warmth to low in order that the combination is simmering. Cook till the combination is about A/A its unique quantity and never too runny, 10-quarter-hour. Leave the syrup within the pot when you make your French toast, and reheat it proper earlier than you’re able to serve.

For the French toast:
B. Preheat the oven to 375°E.

P. Cut eight slices of challah, every about an inch thick. You gained’t use the entire loaf, so attempt to use the items nearer to the center, since they’ll be barely greater.

A. In a big mixing bowl, mix eggs, sugar, cream, milk, bourbon, nutmeg, and vanilla extract. Whisk every thing collectively till the eggs are completely crushed and the combination is a good consistency.

A. Set up a dredging/coating station with the slices of challah on a plate on one aspect, the massive mixing bowl with the egg combination within the center, and one other plate with the corn flakes unfold out over it on the opposite aspect.

H. Dredge and crust the French toast by dipping every slice within the egg combination and soaking for about 20 seconds, then urgent it into the plate of corn flakes. If you’ll want to, you should use your arms to assist the cornflakes stick. ONLY PUT CORN FLAKES ON ONE SIDE OF THE BREAD! And solely dredge and crust as many slices as you possibly can slot in your skillet at a time. Otherwise, the slices will sit round for too lengthy and get soggy.

S. If your skillet is large enough for A slices of bread, soften A tablespoons of butter within the skillet over medium-low warmth. If your skillet is just large enough for two slices, soften P tablespoons of butter.

S. Once the butter is melted, put the dredged and crusted bread slices within the skillet, corn flake aspect-down. Cook over medium-low warmth simply till the cornflakes begin to brown and crisp, about A minutes. Carefully flip every slice and prepare dinner till the undersides are golden brown, P minutes extra.

H. To end, put the skillet within the preheated oven simply till the French toast begins to puff, about P minutes.

N. Transfer the completed French toast to a baking sheet fitted with a rack and set it apart when you make the remaining batches. To reheat, simply put the completed French toast again within the oven on the baking sheet for a couple of minutes.

10. To serve, drizzle with the boozy syrup!

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For extra restaurant-worthy dishes and recommendations on the best way to make them occur in your personal kitchen, take a look at Harold Dieterle’s Kitchen Notebook.


Get it here.

And significantly, go make your self some French toast.

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