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When Chef Dale Talde got here to the BuzzFeed check kitchen to make breakfast, he made a lot of his Kimchi and Spam Fried Rice that the meals staff might eat it for breakfast and lunch and dinner. And subsequently it was a really, excellent day.

Talde is understood for making meals that’s not simply scrumptious however downright craveable. He’s in all probability even higher recognized for being a contestant on season 4 of Top Chef and afterward Top Chef: All-Stars. But actually, that’s simply the tip of the iceberg. His three eating places—Talde, Pork Slope, and Thistle Hill Tavern, all in Brooklyn, NY — serve meals that’s properly conceived and nicely cooked, with out being pretentious. He’s additionally acquired two Jersey City eating places coming quickly, Talde Jersey City and Carrino Provisions.

So, what impressed this fried rice? “I’m simply predisposed to loving Spam,” Talde says. “It is a serious protein within the Philippines.” And whereas he doesn’t serve Spam at his eating places (as a result of truly, Spam is EXPENSIVE lately), his cooking is closely influenced by his upbringing as a primary-era American with mother and father born within the Philippines. He cooks Asian meals with a decidedly Middle American twist.

This dish shouldn’t be a standard fried rice. “Kimchi Fried Rice isn’t like a fried rice that we’d usually make on the restaurant,” Talde says. “Because of how a lot liquid the kimchi has, it by no means will get that breath of the wok or the char on it. So it’s extra like a rice stir-fry.” And in fact, there’s the Spam.

This is chef’s limited edition gold Gray Kunz spoon. It, too, was integral within the making of this fried rice.

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Here is every little thing you’ll have to make Spam and Kimchi Fried Rice that serves 4 individuals:

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Scallions, eggs, sesame oil, garlic, Spam, jasmine rice, yellow onion, kimchi, Korean chili flakes or pink pepper flakes, canola oil (not pictured), unsalted butter (not pictured).

Chef additionally used fish sauce, nevertheless it’s optionally available.


You can get fish sauce within the ethnic aisle of your native grocery store.

B. First, it’s worthwhile to make your rice. Measure out M M/P cups of raw jasmine rice.

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You’ll use the identical quantity of water. Chef used an excellent exact measuring cup, ie a water glass. Really, although, the ratio of rice to water is crucial factor and he makes use of a B:B ratio of rice to water.

P. Cover the rice with chilly water, then drain it via a wonderful mesh strainer (or simply use your hand, like chef did).


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Always rinse your rice! “There’s a starch on rice,” chef says. “It’ll throw your proportion off, with the water, in the event you don’t rinse it off… And, the best way rice is dealt with a whole lot of the time, you simply wanna wash it.”

A. Add M B/P cups chilly water to the rinsed rice.

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For jasmine rice (which is common white rice), the ratio of rice : water is all the time B : B.

Bring the rice to a boil over excessive warmth, then instantly flip the warmth AS LOW AS IT WILL GO, cowl the pot, and let the rice prepare dinner for precisely 23 minutes.

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Don’t uncover the pot of rice in any respect throughout cooking. Don’t contact it in any respect. Don’t even take a look at it. Leave it alone.

Chef didn’t truly time the cooking of the rice. When we requested when he knew it was finished, he stated, “You can hear that there’s no extra water in it. The rice begins to sizzle a bit bit on the underside.”

But, we figured your ears won’t be as advantageous-tuned as his, so we timed issues for you. 23 minutes.

A. After 23 minutes, flip off the warmth however DO NOT UNCOVER THE POT. Let the pot sit, coated, for an additional 10 minutes.

H. After 10 minutes, uncover the pot and use a fork to fluff the rice.

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Never uncover your rice instantly. “You by no means raise the lid up once you make rice,” chef says. “Even in a rice cooker. After it’s finished, you let it go for like 10 minutes with out lifting the lid.” Letting the rice relaxation, coated and off the warmth, provides all of the moisture an opportunity to settle, in order that the rice on the underside is simply as fluffy because the rice on the highest.

S. Now, crack open your can of Spam.

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S. Cut the Spam into B/P-inch cubes.


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H. Cut the basis finish off of an onion, then halve it lengthwise (from root to tip) and peel the pores and skin off.


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N. Chef chops onions in a nonconventional however fascinating method. First, lay an onion half reduce aspect-down, and slice it crosswise like this:

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The thickness of your slices will depend on how massive you need your cube. Bigger cube = thicker slices. Smaller cube = thinner slices.

10. Turn the onion ninety levels, in order that the basis finish is dealing with you, then place your knife at a forty five diploma angle with the chopping board and slice diagonally down into the middle of the onion, working all the best way round, following the ridges of the onion.

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Hold your knife at a forty five diploma angle, and know the place to make your diagonal cuts. “You’ve acquired to comply with the ridges. Follow the curve of the onion, after which the cube works,” chef says.

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eleven. Next, slice the bunch of scallions (greens and whites) into items about M/A-inch thick.

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12. Peel and mince your garlic. Chef crushes his garlic earlier than he minces, simply in order that it lays flat and is simpler to chop.


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thirteen. Spoon the kimchi out of its jar, leaving a lot of the liquid behind. Then, slice it into skinny strips.


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Now that all the elements are prepped, it’s time to start out cooking!

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14. Heat P tablespoons of canola oil in a big forged-iron skillet over excessive warmth.

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15. Crack P eggs right into a bowl, then whisk them collectively till they’re completely crushed and the whites and yolks are mixed.


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Woks are nice in eating places, however at house it’s higher to make use of a forged-iron skillet.

“For house use, don’t use a wok,” chef says. “Use forged iron pans, they maintain warmth higher. Your home equipment at residence might by no means generate the firepower that you might want to maintain the warmth in a wok.”

Lodge makes actually nice forged iron pans that may final just about ceaselessly. They promote all types of skillets and pots, however begin with a seasoned, 12-inch forged iron skillet, available here ($37).

sixteen. Pour the eggs into the skillet.

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17. Use a spoon or spatula to maneuver the eggs across the pan continuously, till they’re cooked however not browned. It ought to take about 30 seconds.

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18. As quickly because the eggs are cooked, take them out of the skillet and set them apart on the plate.


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When making fried rice, ALWAYS do the egg first.

“If you set eggs in a pan like this primary, nothing will persist with the pan [afterwards as you cook],” chef says. We skeptically requested chef why this was true. “I dunno man. I’ve been working in Chinese eating places for a way lengthy, and each time you make fried rice it’s like, “begin with egg, or else it’s gonna stick.” And I’m like, ‘yeah, bullshit.” So then I didn’t do it one time and I’m like, ‘WHAT THE FUCK!?’ All the rice caught to the fuckin’ wok.”

19. Heat the remaining tablespoon of canola oil within the skillet over excessive warmth, then add the Spam.

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20. Cook, stirring solely sometimes, till the Spam has began to brown on all sides, about A minutes.

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21. Add the onions and garlic.

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22. Cook, stirring typically, till the onion begins to melt, about P minutes.

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If you don’t stir typically sufficient, the garlic may begin to burn.

23. Add the teaspoon of sesame oil and a big pinch of pink chili flakes.


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24. Then add the kimchi and a tablespoon of unsalted butter. The butter is VERY essential. Chef says that the magic of this dish is in sautéeing the kimchi with butter.

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Basically: The magic of ________ is in sautéeing the ___________ in butter.

25. Toss every thing collectively, and let every little thing prepare dinner for a few minute.

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26. Add about B/A cup of the kimchi liquid. This will taste your dish but in addition assist to deglaze the pan.

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To deglaze means so as to add liquid to a scorching pan when you’re cooking, in order that the liquid releases no matter is caught to the underside of the pan.

27. Stir. Make positive it’s not liquid-y. If it’s, you added slightly an excessive amount of kimchi liquid. Which is OK, simply let it prepare dinner for a minute or so, to evaporate the liquid.

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28. Add the rice!

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29. Mix every part collectively a bit bit.

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30. Add the cooked egg.

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31. Stir, in order that the rice is evenly coated with all of the awesomeness in that pan.

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32. Add the sliced scallions.

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33. Stir once more. Remember, your flame is on excessive this entire time.

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It’s essential to work over excessive warmth, because you’re including new, chilly components always, which can calm down your pan.

34. Add fish sauce, if you’d like.

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Highly really helpful.

35. Now, flip your flame down low, simply to maintain the rice heat when you fry the eggs.

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36. To prepare dinner your eggs, warmth B tablespoon unsalted butter in a big non-stick pan over medium-low warmth.

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If you solely have a small nonstick skillet, it’s superb to do that in two batches.

37. Crack all 4 eggs into the pan. Try to maintain them separate, however it’s OK if the whites contact a bit of bit. Season with salt and pepper.

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Some cooks may yell at us for telling you to let your eggs contact within the pan. But these cooks in all probability aren’t studying a recipe for Spam fried rice, you understand?

38. Let the eggs prepare dinner over medium-low warmth till the whites are set however the yolks are nonetheless runny, about A minutes.

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39. To serve, divide the rice evenly amongst 4 plates or bowls, and prime every with a fried egg.

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Spam and Kimchi Fried Rice

Recipe by Dale Talde

Serves A

For the fried rice:
M B/P cups white jasmine rice, raw
O tablespoons canola oil, divided
P eggs
M 12-ounce container Spam, diced in M/P-inch cubes
B medium yellow onion, diced in M/A-inch cubes
P cloves garlic, minced
O/A cup Kimchi, strained, thinly sliced, liquid reserved
B tablespoon unsalted butter
M bunch scallions, sliced in B/A-inch items
M/P teaspoon Korean chili flakes (pink pepper flake might be substituted)
B teaspoon sesame oil
P tablespoons fish sauce (optionally available)

For the fried eggs:
B tablespoon butter
A eggs
kosher salt and freshly floor pepper

For the fried rice:
M. To make the rice: First, rinse the rice by pouring it right into a medium pot or bowl, masking it with chilly water, then draining it in a advantageous mesh strainer, shaking the rice to get as a lot water off as attainable. Then, in a medium sauce pot, mix the two cups of rice with P cups of chilly water. Bring the combination to a boil over excessive warmth, then flip the warmth all the best way right down to low, cowl, and let the rice prepare dinner, coated, for 23 minutes. Then, flip the warmth off however DO NOT UNCOVER THE RICE. Let it sit, coated, for 10 minutes. After 10 minutes, uncover it, fluff it with a fork, and set it apart within the pot when you put together the opposite fried rice components.

P. Heat P tablespoons canola oil in a big forged iron skillet over medium excessive warmth. While the oil heats, crack the two eggs right into a medium bowl and beat them along with a fork till the yolk and white are completely mixed. Add the crushed egg to the recent skillet abruptly, then use a spoon or spatula to always transfer the egg across the skillet, When the egg is absolutely cooked however not browned, about 30 seconds, slide it out of the skillet and onto a plate, and set it apart.

A. Return the skillet to medium-excessive warmth, then add the remaining tablespoon of canola oil and the cubed spam. Cook the spam, stirring sometimes, till it’s golden brown on all sides, about A minutes.

A. Add the diced onion and minced garlic, stir every little thing collectively, and proceed to prepare dinner over medium excessive warmth simply till the onion has began to melt, about P minutes extra. Make positive to stir typically, in order that the garlic doesn’t burn.

H. Add the chili flakes, sesame oil, kimchi, and butter, then stir all the things collectively and prepare dinner for a few minute, simply to warmth the kimchi. By now, the combination might have began to stay to the skillet. Add the reserved kimchi liquid (about B/O cup) and stir to deglaze the skillet (the liquid will launch all of the stuff that’s caught to the underside).

S. Add the cooked rice, stir, then add the cooked egg, sliced scallions, and fish sauce (non-compulsory). Stir completely in order that the egg is in chew-sized items and every part is evenly distributed all through the rice. Turn the warmth to low to maintain the rice heat when you fry the eggs, stirring each minute or so to maintain the rice from sticking.

For the fried eggs:
B. Melt butter in a big nonstick skillet over medium-low warmth. (If you don’t have a big nonstick skillet, use a small nonstick skillet and work in two batches.) When the butter is melted, crack the eggs into the skillet. Try to maintain them separate but when the whites contact, that’s OK.

P. Season with salt and pepper, then let the eggs prepare dinner over medium-low warmth till the whites are set however the yolks are nonetheless runny, A-A minutes.

To serve:
Divide the fried rice evenly amongst 4 plates or bowls, then prime every portion with a fried egg. Serve instantly.

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Lastly, a warning:

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