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How Much Can You Just Not Even Right Now?

  1. You got: You really just can’t even

    Oh wow. You literally can’t. Even some days when you think you can, you end up just not being able to even. Don’t worry, this is very common. Especially on Mondays, and when it rains, and when puppies appear, and… well, pretty much always.

    e47dec1a80db8c70e9400bd19950bec8-29 Thinkstock
  2. You got: You mostly just can’t

    Sometimes you can, but in general, you have a pretty hard time being able to even. You’re displaying fairly high levels of can’t even-ness. But don’t worry, lots of people mostly can’t, too, so you’re not alone in this. Stay strong!

    7e53a2a3a52a00eaed6a769907af959f-7 Thinkstock
  3. You got: You mostly can

    It’s true that sometimes you can’t, but usually you can, even when circumstances are telling you you can’t. People are often jealous of your ability to even, but it’s no big deal. Have a can of soda to celebrate! (LOL, get it? Can…)

    53de4f1720d1711d0f827b0d7f3d5361-27 Thinkstock
  4. You got: You totally can!

    Congratulations! You are the little engine that could! You totally ~can even~, with literally everything. Every glass is full for you, and the world is your oyster, and that can-can dance? Made for you. Cause you can can caaaaaaan!

    6c2ac3b5c93ac78c7e6beb2f0e580eb4-15 Thinkstock


3. Remember, even when you can’t even, you can keep your hair smooth and frizz-free with Garnier Fructis Sleek and Shine. Great hair won’t solve everything, but it’s #OneLessGirlProblem.

4. Now be the queen you are, and wear this crown braid:

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