1. Parts of your brain’s frontal lobe are home to your empathy networks.


Fig. 1 by University of California / Via youtube.com

If you damage those systems, which help you assess how other people are feeling, you can become impulsive — even rude! Scientists term it acquired sociopathy, meaning you essentially act in ways that disregard others, according to this study.

2. In a new video, UC Berkeley psychologist Dacher Keltner explains how their lab studies have found giving people power mimics that type of brain trauma.


Fig. 1 by University of California / Via youtube.com

Power makes you more likely to engage in risky behavior, like flirting inappropriately or gambling — or being a jerkface to your employees.

In other words, you lose touch with other people, he says. And that means being the one to nab that last cookie hanging out on a plate and noisily eat it because you don’t really care about what others think.

That’s not to say anyone who has the last cookie is an asshat: It’s how you go for it.

3. This is not meant to be confused with Cookie Monster.


PBS / Via giphy.com

He just happens to really love baked goods.

4. Watch the full video here!

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