1. Last year homemaking goddess Martha Stewart proved that she has mastered all aspects of the culinary arts except for one: Twitter food photography. Remember this?

2. Or this?

3. Or this?

4. What a difference a year makes! Look at this “tower of pus-covered raw meat” from 2013:

5. And now compare it to this photo from 2014:

6. Last year:

— MarthaStewart (@Martha Stewart)

7. This year:

Carrots avocado sesame and argan oil just one of several starters

— MarthaStewart (@Martha Stewart)

8. 2013’s worst part of waking up:

How many eggs am I frying? My chickens are doing a great job

— MarthaStewart (@Martha Stewart)

9. 2014’s gourmet morning glory:

A beautiful salad at jungsik in Seoul Korea

— MarthaStewart (@Martha Stewart)

10. Whatever this is from last year:

Second course. Marinated herring en gelee with fingerling potatoes in a dijon mustard sauce. Yummy

— MarthaStewart (@Martha Stewart)

11. Fresh snapper from this year:

Fresh grilled yellowtail snapper at garcias seafood grille in miami lived up to its reputation!

— MarthaStewart (@Martha Stewart)

12. Pizza from 2013:

The pizza margarita was actually very good. We (7 of us) ate four pizzas

— MarthaStewart (@Martha Stewart)

13. Pizza in 2014:

Pizza biancoverde. Topped with arugula ricotta mozzarella. Yumm

— MarthaStewart (@Martha Stewart)

14. Steamed buns then:

The steamed buns are served with beef shank and spicy mayonnaise

— MarthaStewart (@Martha Stewart)

15. Steamed buns now:

The best baozi we ate in china were made in ai wei wei's kitchen

— MarthaStewart (@Martha Stewart)

16. Sadly, Martha wasn’t always on point this year:

The most delicious oystrrs at the newest 3 star nyc restaurant Batard. So very good

— MarthaStewart (@Martha Stewart)

17. But you can’t deny it: Martha proved that practice does make perfect… even for someone who is basically perfect.

Martha Stewart / Via Twitter: @MarthaStewart

18. It’s a good thing.


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