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The Ultimate Food Compatibility Test

  1. You got: Pizza Rolls

    The adventurous and outgoing spirit of Aries can only be paired with one thing: pizza rolls. Pizza stuffed inside a warm, little pocket is the food for a truly independent individual.

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  2. You got: Bagels

    Bagels are the food for people who stick to their convictions. And that’s you, Taurus. You stay cool and calm, like a tub of cream cheese.

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  3. You got: Gummy Bears

    Your endless Gemini curiosity marches onward like a tiny army of gummy bears, ready to conquer the world. Most people are not on your level. Just toss them a handful of tiny, squishy, multicolored bears while yelling, “Try to keep up, losers!”

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  4. You got: Chocolate

    Oh, Crab, you’re mysterious and sensitive like smooth, silky chocolate. You’re hard on the outside and creamy on the inside. Everyone craves your presence once they’ve had a taste. (Creepy, I know, but that’s the truth.)

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  5. You got: Ice Cream

    As a Leo, you’re charismatic and full of positive energy, just like creamy, creamy ice cream. You’re a creamy scoop of lion-flavored ice cream. (Lion flavor tastes a lot like mocha, fwiw.)

  6. You got: Macaroni and Cheese

    Your inner light shines brighter than all the other signs, much like a glistening bowl of mac ‘n’ cheese. You’re a comforting presence in the life of others, just like this comfort food.If you’re a lactose intolerant or vegan Virgo, know that non-dairy mac ‘n’ cheese still counts.

    9de5c29626988fa9540f494620470f75-3 Thinkstock
  7. You got: Pizza

    As a Libra, you’re a natural harmonizer, and nothing speaks to perfect harmony more than pizza. Perhaps the most balanced food of all time. You’re a team player and so is pizza.

  8. You got: Bagel Bites

    As the most powerful sign of the zodiac, Scorpio, you need the most powerful snack. A snack that you can literally eat at ANY time of day because pizza is on a bagel. That, my friend, is real power. Do not use it for evil.

  9. You got: Cheese

    Your honest and witty nature goes well with one thing. And that’s cheese. Much like cheese, you fit well into most situations and are never too far away from the closest supply of wine. If you’re a lactose intolerant or vegan Sagittarius, non-dairy cheese substitute still counts.

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  10. You got: Nutella

    As a Capricorn, you’re kind of an overachiever, and so is Nutella. You’re both just naturally awesome by being yourselves. You’re always reaching your goals by being creamy and chocolatey.

  11. You got: Warm Biscuit

    You bring a warm presence to the lives of others with your loving watery goodness. Like a biscuit, you have many flaky layers to your personality.

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  12. You got: Doughnuts

    Your creative, passionate spirit has no limits, just like a doughnut. There are infinite kinds of doughnuts, just like the infinite expanse of your imagination and kindness.

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