M. Japan

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Matcha is a powdered inexperienced tea from Japan utilizing finely floor, excessive-high quality inexperienced tea leaves. It’s historically utilized in Japanese tea ceremonies.

P. India

India has a wealthy and numerous tea historical past, with conventional masala chai tea being served through South Asia for thousands of years before the tea industry exploded during the British colonial era. Pictured above is the white leaf Darjeeling tea, which grows wild in India.

A. Britain

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Black tea within the UK may be served by itself or with milk and/or sugar and is taken a number of occasions a day. Aim for a golden color when pouring you milk, and for the love of god, brew the tea first.

A. Turkey

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Turkish espresso could be the nation’s most well-known heat drink, however cay tea is its hottest, served with each meal, and sometimes in between. The black tea doesn’t take milk, however might be served with or with out sugar and is often brewed in a very complicated two-chamber pot.

H. Tibet

Tibetan po cha, or butter tea, combines tea, salt, and yak butter. The tea is brewed for a number of hours to get a bitter style, then churned with butter and salt immediately earlier than serving. Try it your self with this recipe.

S. Morocco

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Spearmint is steeped in inexperienced tea for this drink, well-liked in Morocco and throughout a lot of North Africa. Learn tips on how to brew your personal here.

S. Hong Kong

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Famous in Hong Kong is iced milk tea generally known as pantyhose tea or silk stocking tea as a result of it’s comparable in color to nude stockings, no joke. To make, mix robust chilled black tea with evaporated or condensed milk and serve over ice.

H. Taiwan

Pearl milk tea, aka bubble tea, has turn into a worldwide phenomenon, nevertheless it has its roots in Taiwan. It could be served scorching or chilly, and sometimes over tapioca pearls cooked in sugar syrup. Basically when you’ve had bubble tea, you’ll by no means want a Frappuccino once more. Use this recipe to make your personal.


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Sweet iced tea is the lifeblood of the American South. Usually made utilizing robust-brewed Lipton tea and sugar, you’ll be able to add lemon, or a pinch of baking soda for smoothness. Try out some variations on the basic with these recipes.

10. Russia

For a cup of Russian tea, a number of varieties of black leaves are brewed individually after which combined within the cup. Like Turkey, Russia historically makes use of a multi-chamber pot, referred to as a samovar, with a chamber for water and a chamber for brewing the tea.

eleven. Pakistan

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Chai isn’t unique to India. Spicy and creamy masala chai is a favorite for Pakistani afternoon tea, and you may use basic English breakfast tea as a base.

12. Thailand


Cha yen is Thailand’s tackle iced milk tea, and it combines condensed milk and brewed Thai Tea Mix.

thirteen. China

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The Chinese love their tea, and drink a variety of flavours and hues. Pictured is yellow leaf pu-erh tea, which is packaged in bricks or balls, crumbled into the cup, and steeped in scorching water.

14. Egypt

Egypt is a big importer of tea, and it’s widespread to drink unsweetened black tea all through the day. Hibiscus tea is usually a specialty at Egyptian weddings.

15. Mongolia

Suutei tsai is cooked in a flat pan with milk and salt. The savoury tea is served in a shallow metallic bowl with most meals.

sixteen. Kenya

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Kenya likes to export its tea and have it too. The nation produces easy black tea, however favours chai.

17. Argentina

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Yerba mate is a vitamin-packed green tea grown and drunk all through South America, in addition to in Portugal, Lebanon, and Syria. It has a signature smoky flavour and might be served scorching or chilly.

18. South Africa

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The Rooibos plant produces a vibrant purple tea, and is found exclusively in South Africa. Typically served by itself with out sugar or milk, the tea has a naturally delicate and candy flavour, and is a superb earlier than mattress cuppa.

19. Qatar

In Qatar, robust milky tea referred to as karak chai is a nationwide favourite. Black tea leaves are boiled in water, combined with milk and evaporated sugar, and boiled a second time.

20. Mauritania

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Mauritania’s model of the favored north African mint inexperienced tea has a specific serving ritual. Drinkers take three cups every, growing the sweetness of each new cup, so that you begin bitter and finish candy.

21. Malaysia

Malaysia has perfected the tea wanted for all deserts and snacks. Teh tarik is frothed black tea, sugar, and milk served chilly. The creamy deal with is good for after a meal or a mid-day deal with.

22. Kuwait

A typical afternoon tea in Kuwait infuses black tea leaves with cardamom and saffron for a spicy afternoon decide-me-up. Try this recipe to make your personal.

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