Top Row: Kelley Ash by Harper Smith for Foam Magazine / Pascal Le Segretain / Getty Images / AMC
Middle Row: NastyGal / Interscope
Bottom Row: Jason Merritt / Getty Images / Jason LaVeris / FilmMagic

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      Lena Dunham

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      Grace Coddington

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      Patti Smith

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      Sheryl Sandberg

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      Joan Didion

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      Lady Gaga

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      Miranda July

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      Hair Stamping

    2. enhanced-buzz-12713-1394722110-5 REX USA/W. Lovelace

      The Perm

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      Crimped Hair

    1. Butterfly Clips

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      Manic Panic

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      Platinum Blonde

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      Hair Wraps

    3. enhanced-buzz-6840-1394662464-22 Jim Smeal / WireImage

      Teased Hair

What Haircut Should You Actually Have?

  1. You got: a pixie cut.

    You could really wear ANY type of hairstyle, but your delicate sensibilities and natural grace would really be suited to a shorter hairstyle. You have much better things to do, whether it’s daydreaming or writing the next Great American Novel, than to be fiddling with your appearance so a low-maintenance hairstyle would really suit you best.

    b3d3e4630a36890146e2a9f445dde656-9 Christopher Polk / Getty / Jason Merritt / Getty Images
  2. You got: long waves.

    You need a long, flowing mane to go with your chill vibes and free spirit. But despite your carefree attitude, you feel things incredibly deeply and don’t respond well to change. Which is why once you’ve got your long, beautiful hair, you’re very unlikely to ever change it.

    396162ea89d8449b2c382078fccaed6d-18 Stuart C. Wilson / Getty / Pascal Le Segretain / Getty
  3. You got: a short crop with swoopy bangs.

    You’re brash and impossibly charming, which is why you need a stylish, modern haircut to suit your awesome personality. Everyone around you will be elated to see how much better they can see your animated and entertaining facial expressions with your new short hair.

    4a90a3a0994ed456a6869762287ab5ff-5 Mario Anzuoni / Reuters / Peter Lindbergh for Louis Vuitton
  4. You got: the long bob, or the “LOB.”

    Never sitting still, you’re one to follow the zeitgeist, which is why you need a trendy haircut to go with your fashion-forward aesthetic. From Beyoncé to Lily Collins to Rihanna, every modern style icon is sporting this cut. You’re next.

    8da6a27c40fc9fcd78b7a6641eb28d47-11 Columbia / Jason LaVeris / FilmMagic / NastyGal / Michael Buckner / Getty
  5. You got: blunt bangs.

    Mysterious and kittenish, you’re an enigma wrapped up in an enigma. Which is why you never want to give anyone the benefit of looking into your eyes and knowing exactly what you mean or what you’re thinking. A blunt curtain of fringe will frame your face and preserve your aura of inscrutability.

    626a56a4c33ede89edf0d5ec3f71d51e-4 natalieoffduty.com / Kelley Ash by Harper Smith for Foam Magazine / Ilya S. Savenok / Getty / AMC
  6. You got: a wild, curly mane.

    You’re the least pretentious person on the planet. You exude an innate confidence, which means you never have to try hard to be super cool. However your hair grows, there it is — although you’re not above spending the time and money it takes to look your best.

    acc775c2f3fd0ad0ed602b86243790b0-8 Phil Walter / Getty Images / Jason Merritt / Getty Images
  7. You got: the undercut.

    Frenetic and unwieldy, you’re completely unpredictable. You’re the first one to start the party and the last one to leave it. But every up has its down for you, as moodiness can sometimes take its toll. The second you’re sick of this look, you’ll be shaving your head.

    42bda58323e6e5defd304d7a89a1388d-1 jodyrogac.com for 'Sup Magazine / Chelsea Lauren / Getty Images
  8. You got: a short bob.

    You’re a hard worker with big ambitions, which is why you need a low-maintenance cut that can look polished with minimal effort. Never mind fussy hairstyles and blow-drying — just a tuck behind the ear is all you need to look your best.

    557b29813ec8a63fd69d692a09022d58-8 Pascal Le Segretain / Getty Images / Elite Models / Dave M. Benett / Getty Images
  9. You got: a bowl cut.

    You’re eccentric and forever imbued with a childlike sense of wonder. Your friendly and adorable personality needs a haircut that’s just as cute to match.

    25b6c5593ae71404634f2a58e7d73cf8-3 etsy.com / Karl Prouse/Catwalking / Getty Images


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