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What Kind Of Pizza Addict Are You?

  1. You got: Normal Pizza Eater

    You enjoy pizza from time to time, perhaps as an indulgence or special treat. You don’t have any strong feelings about pizza, and pizza is not a notable part of your lifestyle or diet.

    e6daf26c2ea28f4388e7d33169566b1a-20 iStock
  2. You got: Unapologetic Pizza Snob

    You are a true pizza aficionado, and as such you have very high standards for your slices. No frozen pies or chains for you! You are a major pizza nerd, and are willing to travel around the world to savor authentic regional styles and inventive takes on pizzas.

    anigif_95e7790b826b6c073e352bb23e9ba961-10 Columbia
  3. You got: Unrepentant Pizza Maniac

    You are in love with pizza. It is a crucial part of your lifestyle. You will eat any kind of pizza, because all pizza is good pizza. Pizza is joy. Pizza is everything.

  4. You got: Shameless Pizza Junkie

    Your passion for pizza has no limit. You live a pizza-centric lifestyle. Some may see your pizza obsession as a problem, but who cares what they think? PIZZA FOREVER.



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