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Which Alcohol Matches Your Zodiac Sign?

  1. You got: Vodka

    As an adventurous Aries who brings thrills into everyone’s lives, your drink is vodka. You’re dynamic, bold, and you adapt well to any situation.

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  2. You got: Gin

    As a mysterious and moody Cancer, you need a drink just as mysterious as yourself. Enter: gin. What’s its deal? It tastes like a pine tree, but it’s just as refreshing and endearingly eccentric as you are.

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  3. You got: Whiskey

    As a no-drama Libra, you need a no-drama drink. You’re charming and destined for success, so sit back and whiskey it up.

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  4. You got: Scotch

    You’re a powerful achiever, Capricorn, just quietly sippin’ your scotch. Waiting. Watching. A true winner.

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  5. You got: Tequila

    You’re a Gemini on the move. You like to really grab life by the butt, thirsty for knowledge and new experiences. Maybe tequila can help with that.

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  6. You got: Red Wine

    You’re a classy Leo, destined for greatness, much like an old fermented grape. You’re charismatic and a leader, so get your red wine on.

    79a36ed38a89a471c5247347ef2d2b6a-13 Thinkstock
  7. You got: White Wine

    You’re a caring, compassionate Virgo. Your inner light shines like the light through a glass of white wine. You love love, like a grape loves bein’ smooshed up into wine.

    0feb4316b24a4c36dfbe63f3e001aa5a-9 Thinkstock
  8. You got: Beer

    You’re a chill Taurus. You can just kick back with a beer like a real cool dude. Just keepin’ it real.

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  9. You got: Champagne

    You classy, Sagittarius. You have great taste and you live your best life. You tend to just go for it, champagne style.

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  10. You got: Moonshine

    As the most powerful sign, you need a powerful drink. You’re wise beyond your years and you always triumph. You’re hardcore, like moonshine.

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  11. You got: Boxed Wine

    As someone who understands life’s mysteries, you’re unpretentious and nonjudgemental, like wine in a box. You’re unique and a trendsetter, so it doesn’t matter what kind of container your booze comes out of.

  12. You got: Absinthe

    You’re a creative genius, Pisces. And your original ideas and fantasies are a lot like an absinthe-fueled night of debauchery anyway.

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