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      Guy Fieri

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      Emeril Lagasse

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      Alton Brown

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      Ina Garten

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      Giada De Laurentiis

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      Bobby Flay

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      Anne Burrell

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      Rachel Ray

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      Tyler Florence

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      Johnny Weir

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      Teri Hatcher

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      Brandi Chastain

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      Joey Fatone

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      Anthony Anderson

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      Lou Diamond Phillips

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      Laila Ali

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      Penn Jillette

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      White Rice

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      Wild Rice

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Which “Chopped” Judge Would Shatter Your Dreams?

  1. You got: Chef Alex Guarnaschelli

    “I really like what you did with the leftover pizza. And the way you were able to transform the ‘crunchy cheese snack’ into a vinaigrette really displayed your creativity. However, the scallops were overcooked and you left the orange marmalade off the plate. For these reasons, we had to chop you today.”

    99de9e5104d5d355a24fa79d9e7b8004-26 Food Network
  2. You got: Chef Geoffrey Zakarian

    “You probably cooked the best calf’s liver out of all of your competitors, which is why it was even more disappointing that the okra was underdone and you weren’t able to get the caviar on the plate. Your creativity and presentation were also lacking. For these reasons, we had to chop you today.”

    80af2d42b2159656856df3cfac1b699c-1 Food Network
  3. You got: Chef Chris Santos

    “Chef, your Octopus was extremely overcooked. And your salad desperately needed an acid component. Also, while your dish was indeed tasty, the bacon you added really dominated it and the basket ingredients were completely lost. These are some of the reasons we had to chop you today.”

    42d99a8bd3705ab62fa8a1f3648a8071-10 Food Network
  4. You got: Chef Amanda Freitag

    “We loved the bold flavors you were able to pack into your sauce, although we wish there were more of it on the plate. And the way you managed to transform the shredded wheat into a breading for your fish was nothing short of brilliant. However, you overcooked your flounder and it came out dry and rubbery and that was one thing we just couldn’t overlook. For that reason, we had to chop you today.”

    e4e19db6be58b0ee40721bf5485b3617-29 Food Network
  5. You got: Chef Aarón Sanchez

    “Chef, we were all impressed with the way you were able to transform the filling from the frosted toaster pastry into a chutney . It was packed with bold and complex flavors. However, the reindeer pâté wasn’t nearly as successful. The texture was off and it desperately needed a crunchy component to balance out the dish. For these reasons, we had to chop you today.”

    24bb4ecdc0ce8f794245486ab69eb9a4-11 Food Network
  6. You got: Chef Scott Conant

    “We thought your salmon meatballs were brilliant and they were executed perfectly. However, your sauce needed a lot more flavor and you neglected to salt your pasta water. Finally, we thought your presentation didn’t match up to that of your competitors. For these reasons, we had to chop you today.”

    c456ff1b49af498db7af2f697c746346-9 Food Network
  7. You got: Chef Maneet Chauhan

    “Chef, we thought you cooked the yak steak better than any of your competitors today. And the way you repurposed the wasabi peas was by far the most successful. Unfortunately, your heavy use of the truffle oil was your undoing. For that reason, we had to chop you today.”

    25e1b175b32bd725db7db3338cf3db45-2 Food Network
  8. You got: Chef Marcus Samuelsson

    “In the appetizer round, your portion was too large and you left one of the basket ingredients off the plate. And in the entrée round, although we were impressed with the way you embraced and celebrated the dehydrated weaver ant eggs, we felt your dish lacked cohesion. In the dessert round, you overchurned your ice cream and it turned into butter. Unfortunately, after much deliberation, we had to chop you today.”

    048e569af2690e8c82c3a6000dbd1083-8 Food Network
  9. You got: Marc Murphy

    “We thought your potatoes were very good. And while your sauce looked and sounded like it was really great, you dropped all of your quail on the floor and put it back on the plate. Because of this, we didn’t get a chance to try it. For these reasons, we had to chop you today. “

    b8aa924dc4e9215de47abed580597622-3 Food Network


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