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Which Christmas Dessert Matches Your Personality?

  1. You got: Candy Cane

    You’re a bit of a grinch — curmudgeonly with sharp edges. Sometimes when you leave a party, the people who invited you wonder why they did, because mostly you just stand in corners and glare. You might have fewer fans than some, but once someone’s earned your loyalty, it’s theirs for keeps.

    f51664b8ff217edb88e4ebf1f6467142-12 Tagore75 / Thinkstock
  2. You got: Gingerbread House

    You’re clever and crafty and contain almost too much whimsical energy for one human body. You approach each day with a somewhat frenzied devotion toward making it closer to perfect. Some people might think you’re uptight or a bit of a control freak, but you know that’s only because your way is actually the best.

    e351597bab07cb339d8669e6e79c869d-8 VikaRayu / Thinkstock
  3. You got: Christmas Cookies

    You’re down to earth and adaptable. Simple and chill. You just like Netflix and pizza and Instagram filters as much as the next person. You might not be mysterious or super complex, but you’re reliably fun and pleasant, and most people who meet you like you immediately.

    d41574bbdfa14db30cdea42c46853253-7 Fuse / Thinkstock
  4. You got: Pecan Pie

    You’re confident, assertive, and direct. You know what you want and you go for it. Perhaps as a result of how much you don’t care what other people think of you, everyone wants you at their parties, and everyone’s sad once you’re gone.

    0a6ebe553f098f556af06ffae241ca9f-4 gsagi / Thinkstock
  5. You got: Figgy Pudding

    You’re sophisticated, a little snobby, and standoffish. You intimidate people — they’re not always exactly sure what to do around you. But those who are brave enough to try to break through and give you a chance are always pleasantly surprised by your warmth.

    cb9b1dc205d81affc8e8012cedd981b6-17 Flickr: mealmakeovermoms / Creative Commons
  6. You got: Fruitcake

    You’re tough to get to know, and somewhat polarizing, but only because you’re so often misunderstood. You’re eccentric, and one of the few people for whom “unique” truly applies, and the people who like you do so because of (not in spite of) your quirks.

    4faf89f2a2ac0cd2c06a893a9ccb5a44-5 ddsign_stock / Thinkstock


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