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Which Internal Organ Are You?

  1. You got: Pancreas

    You’re the pancreas! You’re the most underrated organ. You have it all! You got hormones, you got pancreatic juice (hell yeah!), you’re a star.

    be1a05c12feaee7262195660ff435652-0 Thinkstock
  2. You got: Spleen

    You’re a spleen! You filter that blood, son. Ballin’ out of control keeping those red blood cells IN CHECK.

    af29dc040a0abe1a470e6f6846ec68b3-0 Thinkstock
  3. You got: Small intestine

    You’re the small intestine! You’re officially the cutest of the intestines. And also way cooler than the large intestine. You probably love food because you’re all about absorbing it.

    554cf7c57e3302df4df9920b5cf59dd4-15 Thinkstock
  4. You got: Liver

    You’re the liver! You’re kind of a big deal. You detoxify stuff. You’re pretty cool.

    eda56252c71ff119e78da1987818aabb-1 Thinkstock
  5. You got: Heart

    You’re the heart! You’re pumpin’ blood, bro. No one can live without you.

    556a7ad3f3ac57e642064a20f7c754ef-0 Thinkstock
  6. You got: Kidney

    You’re a kidney! You’re the hottest organ, most coveted by rumored kidney thieves. Also you’re adorably bean shaped so that’s cool as hell.

    7d71d373fe8b8b119f7077749b64083e-0 Thinkstock


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