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      Top Shelf Liquor

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Which Meat Are You?

  1. You got: Chicken

    You’re easygoing and versatile. You’re the kind of bird that can go with the flow, no matter the situation. Everybody knows you, though few have seen you at your best. Like when are you are dating that dreamboat, Waffles.

    59fb2ac0e5e1b9e15ff03c2b95f44497-20 Thinkstock Photos
  2. You got: Steak

    You’re the definition of tough love. People are happy that they know you, because you’ve got a tender personality underneath it all. People think you and A-1 sauce are best friends, but honestly, you’ve never liked that bastard.

    6deafd90863e3f10d94529c464bacce5-0 Thinkstock Photos
  3. You got: Bacon

    You’re the most popular hog at the ball! People love your sizzling personality and style. You can have fun, even when things are going poorkly. They also love the way you look when you drizzle your sexy body in maple syrup.

    93b06a63d3183612322c7f18af53f627-3 Thinkstock Photos
  4. You got: Lamb Chop

    You’re not just some sheep that follows the herd. You’re worldly and enjoy the finer things in life, so even though you socialize selectively, people respect you. There are haters out there that try to slander you, but they’re fuckin’ wrong.

    29eb36a558238e1dc2a9b8fbc58a3d62-6 Thinkstock Photos
  5. You got: Goat

    Honestly, you’re the Greatest of All Time, but people don’t realize it, since you’re so underexposed. You’re genuine, deep, and open-minded, with a bit of a wild streak. Try not to gloat, you G.O.A.T.

    2e2c876b2d433497ac5e9b856e781700-5 The Washington Post / Getty
  6. You got: Roast Turkey

    You ain’t no jive turkey! You’ve got a strong sense of tradition and like to bring people together. People love you for how sophisticated and timeless you are. Not to mention, for how well you go with mustard and gravy!

    6c68012bc42180d3ee346a51ef0fa412-16 Thinkstock Photos


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