1. Everyone has a favorite Thanksgiving food. Which one are you?

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  1. 1. What are you most likely to wear on Thanksgiving?

    1. Something that sparkles

    2. Something lace

    3. Sweats

    1. Leggings

    2. Denims

    3. Khakis

  2. 2. How would your friends describe you?

    1. Shy
    2. Self-centered
    3. Well-rounded
    4. Fake

  3. 3. What was your favorite activity in high school?

    1. Baseball

    2. Football

    3. Soccer

    1. Theater

    2. Art

  4. 4. If you could bring one thing on a deserted island what would it be?

    1. Pet

    2. A designer closet

    3. Significant other

    1. Unlimited books

    2. Sunblock

  5. 5. Choose a book series

    1. “50 Shades of Grey”

    2. “Harry Potter”

    3. “Twilight”

    1. “The Hunger Games”

  6. 6. What is your dream job?

    1. Teacher

    2. Professional athlete

    3. A celebrity

    1. Medical professional

    2. Lawyer

    3. Chef

Which Thanksgiving Food Are You?

  1. You got: Turkey

    You are the superstar of the show and the center of attention! Just like the perfectly cooked Thanksgiving turkey, you have a golden glow that no one can outshine. You are the royalty of the family and everyone else is pheasants. Take your place at the center of the table because this day is about you!

  2. You got: Stuffing

    Similar to the mashed potatoes, you’re an All American classic. While you may be a little more rough around the edges than your friend MP, everyone knows that deep down under that crunchy exterior you’re a big mush. Be careful not to spend too much time in the heat of family drama, no one wants to see you get burned.

  3. You got: Mashed Potatoes

    You ARE the All American Classic! While you may not be the star of the show like the glitzy, outspoken turkey, your velvety, smooth, and creamy personality is warming and inviting to all — meat lovers and vegan! Not only are you a crowd pleaser, but you’re all around popular. Cheers to you for being America’s Sweetheart.

  4. You got: Cranberry Sauce

    You’re the most underrated side of them all. Put off by your wiggly jelly-like texture, not many people give you a chance to show your sweet side. Some may find you simple, while others find you complex, either way you’re a simple gift to the world that everyone should be thankful for.

  5. You got: A Buttered Roll

    You’re pretty much the most boring side ever. Between your bland color and lack of taste, people often forget about you. Congrats, you’re the most basic side of all. *slow claps*

  6. You got: Apple Pie

    Just like mashed potatoes, you’re a classic! Some may find you a little flakey at first, but if they dig a little deeper they’ll see you’re sweet… sweet as pie.


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