1. A favorite pastime of ’90s kids: complaining about foods from your childhood that no longer exist.

Sometimes our cries are met with little victories. Earlier this year, Coca-Cola brought Surge soda back, making it available for purchase on Amazon.

2. Now one iconic ’90s cereal is coming back to shelves… Click to find out what it is.

After a petition and Facebook group made some noise, General Mills decided to bring back French Toast Crunch, which was introduced in 1995, but has been gone from shelves since 2006. (It was still in production in Canada, however.) Anyways, the cereal is already popping back up in grocery stores and is expected to be available everywhere by the end of January 2015. YESSSSSSS.

4. Folks are already excited about the news:

#FrenchToastCrunchIsBack is literally the best news I've received in a very VERY long time. I'm almost embarrassed about how excited I am

— Sydieee (@Sydney Dowson)

7. Here, some nostalgia to whet your appetite:

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